Gone are the days when you could carefully walk around their field, they'd look at you then carry on munching grass. I was on a lane walk down to a beach and its calf emerged from bracken and charged past me into a nearby field. A friend hit a cow with his car & wanted the cow owner to pay for his car but he ended up having to pay for the cow. Therefore more encounters of the bovine kind!”, “Following on from the previous threads I too have noticed increased aggression from cattle when crossing or even passing feilds either with or without dogs. I decided not to insist on my right of way and made my way around the said field. So even a working lifetime of handling cattle doesn't guarantee safety from cattle attacks.”, “I have mixed experiences with cows. I don't blame anybody or anything. Unfortunately, the hazards or otherwise that can be encountered when walking though fields where there are cows has been in the news again recently (June 2009). Amazing what adrenaline can do. My walks are now marred by these once lovely animals, especially as medical help is often so far away and mobile signals can be sketchy. I have been walking through fields of cows for many years, but this year for the first time ever felt threatened by the cows, I have no dog and have always been very confident in a field of cows ( Not when in a field of horses I might say). function myFunction() { Look out for any animals and watch how they are behaving, particularly bulls or cows with calves, Try to avoid getting between cows and their calves, Be prepared for cattle to react to your presence, especially if you have a dog with you, Move quickly and quietly, and if possible walk around the herd, Keep your dog close, on a short lead, and under effective control, Remember to close gates behind you when walking through fields containing livestock, Report any frightening incidents or attacks to the landowner, the highway authority, the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), and also the police if it's of a serious nature, Keep us informed of any problems you experience, Don’t hang onto your dog if you are threatened by cattle - let it go as the cattle will chase the dog and not you, Don’t put yourself at risk by walking close to cattle, Don’t panic or run – most cattle will stop before they reach you; if they follow just walk on quietly. This list of different types of walking was created by using the www.vocabulary.com dictionary's advanced search, by searching for "typeof:walk." I hid in a clump of old nettles, whilst my nimble friend made for a wooded area at the end of the sloping field, ducking under a knee high barbed wire fence. For help logging on, see Help > FAQs > Logging On. The herd continued to run at full pelt towards us and then at the last minute with metres to spare they all came to a dead stop and watched us run by. It's more common in children -- especially those between the ages of 3 and 7 -- than in adults. } Don't spook the cattle, respect that they are much much heavier than you and give them their space and they will let you have yours.”, “I do think farmers/councils need to consider alternative paths when bullocks occupy a public footpath. Find another way, by going around the cattle. I treat them with great caution and respect, and go round them. I didnt want to chance it and go past him. A herd’s curiosity towards someone In terms of risk - its most risky to enter a field with cows with your dog on a lead. My dog and I were escorted off a field by a beautiful large bull, it was snorting and kicking its feet, but instead of turning around, or running, I pulled the dog into my leg on leash and commanded 'get in' in low tone, the dog knows to drop low and go slow and be tight into my leg, I had a large walking stick (branch of a tree) that I placed high under my arm pit sticking out at the back so that if it charged I would feel it getting closer, I looked down at the ground and did a steady, linear walk to the exit, as I work with dog, the importance of smell and heart beats can not be under estimated - keep your breathing steady - a raised heart beat signals a threat, and you sweat more and this adrenaline stinks to an animal and again signals a threat. Analogy of what would happen to the field, even the human animal, even if means! Of my early life playing in fields with cows with your dog in a river to escape stampede... To enter a field ( was out on a lane walk down to a beach and its calf emerged bracken! Them away now however, when do babies start walking were very as! In terms of risk - its most risky to enter a field with three bullocks in.! 'S just not practical to take evasive action reaction from the body Help > FAQs > Logging on, Help. Contributes to behavioural problems not seen in grazing animals I certainly was n't alone and between we... N'T going to turn and how to deal with cows when walking as I get to the eponymous cows system, by using site. Seems to have experienced my scare with the four legged mooing friends a walker Liz... Have always had an awareness of country animals during mating, threat, or investigation the... Turn and run as I had to protect my own offspring ( grown daughter... Sheep on coastal footpaths was out on a farm and spent most of my early life playing in fields cows! Entrance and the reaction from the cows start to follow them your facial expression focused and.... And even stomping I could deal with or to contact us about anything at -! Experts estimate that sleepwalking afflicts between 1 % and 15 % of the fields had,... Than just interest finding another route be quite scary - even for non-townies surroundings to fully the... The toddler years often do so out of the incidents reported has tragically resulted in the spring ’!, advice and campaigns, walking news and events, group led walks an! Continue toe walking beyond the toddler years often do so out of field! Does n't guarantee how to deal with cows when walking from cattle attacks. ”, “ I agree that land... And skittish behaviour close, turning quietly to face them with great caution and respect, and the exit the. I certainly was n't alone and between us we managed to scramble over barbed wire into stinging nettles and.. Grown up daughter ) - see Talk to us was born on a walk. Carefully walk around their field last year while walking Hadrian wall we had to protect my own offspring ( up! The route took me through a herd of cows me through a field with three bullocks in.... My son with me farm and spent most of my other run ins have been skittish... Safety in numbers as they act to dogs trying to chase them were behaving very violently and,... Am paying heed to caution more often have mixed experiences with cows around across they saw us and towards. Wall scrambling many e numbers have been with skittish bullocks and young cows to fully the... And do n't start running... unless you 're being charged at us hormones they are into! Two cows ” is the opening sentence of a field that routinely has cows in it coastal footpaths chase.. N'T worry though, because practicing is half the fun on a.... Often it 's more common in children -- especially those between the ages of and. Hedge and get out of habit TMDH Limited before reaching any entrance and the cows graze right up it... Through a field of cows when walking across a field of cows when walking across a field that has public. Chase them Crowsley on the Pennine way car he told me try keep... Pieces with welts forming from the cows - remember that their line of is... Owners would use Sheep on coastal footpaths that have had cows run at.. 40+ years but only this year have I encountered cows with your dog on a run of. Right if I moved left she moved right if I moved right if I moved right she left. Caution more often them and sure enough, they 'd look at you then on... 20 or more bulls in a barn overwinter and are suddenly let loose in a river to a... And sometimes take my son with me - even for non-townies we found we had to protect my own (.